Exhortation to seeking eternal treasures

We must orientate our minds and thoughts to spiritual things and not be trapped seeking temporal joys, goals and pleasures of the dying world. If we are not careful to begin doing this early we grow old in our earthly thoughts and we become blind to the heavenly message as seeing but not perceiving and hearing but not understanding.

I have experienced this first hand with an older non-Orthodox Christian who is committed to her faith but who has not seen the need to pursue spiritual knowledge and in later years when life has not gone as desired seeks after temporal joys to give her hope. When mentioning the priority of seeking eternal treasures the thought misses her and all she recognise is that one is being negative about the temporal joy and what is wrong with that. Her line of thinking seem to suggest that the pleasures of this world should be enjoyed in this life and the treasures of heaven are for the next life. However, if we do not put aside the temporality of this life now and seek the eternal treasures of the life to come now, then we will not be able to accept the eternal treasures when we die.


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