Remember me O Lord in Thy Kingdom

14 September, 2007

Not to be taken too literally, it can be said that the Son, begotten of the Father, is as Word begotten from thought. This adds substance to the constantly repeated prayer for God to remember us.

God, of course, never forgets us so the idea of remembering on a human level is not applicable to God. Something more must be meant with this prayer. One aspect is that we remember God and, in our prayer, it is our remembrance of Him that appears to remind Him of us with the synergetic assistance He then provides. Along with this aspect, is, I believe, another aspect of the prayer. This is that in God remembering us, thinking of us, He begets us, as words in the Word so that we become sons of God, albeit by adoption rather than nature. While, all people are remembered and all live forever, only the faithful will be remembered in “Thy Kingdom” that is they will reign with Christ and in Christ as sons.

So, God remembering us is not merely a mental note about us but the establishing of our very being and existence; without this we would cease to exist. This also applies to the Liturgy, which we do in remembrance of Him. This again is not merely the recalling of past events but the making real of the Life of Christ in which we truly participate. The Liturgy is not only the transformation and eating of the Body and Blood of Christ but a complete union with His entire life, that which is past, that which is now and that which is too come. It is completely realised in the Liturgy through remembrance of Him, in the Spirit. The Liturgy is a Divine action in which we participate; it is not of ourselves or our own work, although we also bring our own bodies to the Altar and share in the Life of Christ, which becomes ours.