Proof of God

This is an attempt at a proof for the existence of God. I have had it read by an Orthodox philosopher who said that it contained some controversial philosophic ideas and it wasn’t particularly Orthodox in its approach. So, I don’t have any high hopes for it but here it is to see what others think of the idea. 

The Fool said that there is no God

The Fool said… PDF version 


3 Responses to Proof of God

  1. Sophocles says:

    Father Patrick,

    Do you have this document available in a different format? I do not have this program to run your article.

  2. Sophocles says:

    Father Patrick,

    Thank you for the PDF format. It took me some time to get to read it, but I just did.
    I really enjoyed it. When did you write it?

  3. monkpatrick says:

    I have been thinking about the ideas for some time now and I wrote the first draft about 3-4 years ago then edited it substantially last year and a little this year.

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