Tradition and Time

A quick thought about Tradition.

The Tradition of the Church is not a merely matter of keeping ancient things alive in the Church today because the Church maintains ancient things. Rather it is because the things of Tradition are the things of God. They are Divine because the Church is Divine; it is Christ, the Body of Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thus Tradition is the life and faith of the Church that is beyond time, it is unchanging because it is not subject to time. It transcends the history of our world and the development of time.

Thus any teaching of the development of Tradition, or doctrine, in a sense of Tradition or doctrine changing due to time is heretical because it makes the life of the Church subject to time; it makes Christ subject to time. Development in the sense of the manifestation of the Church on earth maturing into the fullness of this life is acceptable but it is not a change of the Tradition but living the Tradition more fully. Tradition is never a dead thing but it is the life of the Church. Life beyond time.


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